Conservation is a constant battle with limited resources. Depletion of genetic diversity is the thin end of the wedge of extinction. This website provides guidance for anyone involved in preservation of an endangered species of rare domestic breed. When pedigrees are available the four steps presented will guide you to maintain diversity: cost efficiently.
Step 4 - Breeding
Step 4 - Breeding

Why this website?

Human population growth is exponential. There is hardly any wildlife resorts left. Hence, extinction of many species is imminent. For species to survive captive breeding is a necessity. The goal of this website is conservation of endangered species as well as rare domestic breeds by informing (and in the future supporting) about how to preserve genetic diversity within populations. Without breeding, no population. This is often forgotten by scientists. Their theories are essential to make conservation efforts cost effective. But the real work is ultimately done in the field: breeding for diversity

The bad news

Unfortunately the ultimate method proven by science: Optimal Contributions, is not incorporated in a tool that is available for the general public. Mean kinship is another method, which strives at least towards the same goal Optimal contributions, though much less effective. If someone is willing to really take an effort and try Optimal Contributions, EVA is a program one can try (

The good news

You don’t need to be in full control over a population to be able to maintain (potential) genetic diversity. By following four steps calculations will guide you to the diversity present in the population represented by genetically important individuals. Breeding performed by a few can have a significant impact on the preservation of genetic diversity. So don't let yourself be distracted with people that do not want to join breeding for diversity. Just start yourself and give atention to the people that actually do want to contribute and start: breeding for diversity together.